Today, Liza is in demand for her solo performances but often forms a duo/trio with guest guitarists when occasion requires it - including Simon Bishop, Richie Brunton, Steve Whalley and Spencer Couzens.

She also fronts two very different five-piece bands; namely 'Marshall Couzens Band' (Americana, 70s Country/Rock) and 'MOT' (Classic Rock and Pop Dance Band). 
(photo: by C Jansen)

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2022 saw an exciting new trio forming with widely respected guitarists Simon Bishop (BBC session musician) and Richard Brunton (Dr John Band). 
Liza's voice features on various album recordings including "Flying High", written by Isle of Wight based singer/songwriter Luke Guy Reed, and which features on the soundtrack to Mel Gibson's Christmas film 'Fatman'.

In 2019 she provided dep vocals for UK-based award-winning tribute band 'Oye Santana'.

In 2022, she added to her list of thrilling collaborations when Marco Benvenuti invited her to co-front 'MOT'; a classic rock and pop dance band based in north London. 'MOT' regularly perform in clubs in and around the London area.
(photo: by R Searle)
Liza has provided back up vocals for various artistes including American country singer 'George Hege Hamilton V' on his UK tour.
(photo: Liza with George Hege Hamilton V, "Americana Festival", Newark)


... The start of Liza's musical journey ...

Liza has been singing for as long as she can remember. Growing up listening to her dad playing guitar at home was the beginning of her passion for music. Completely self-taught, at the age of ten she started performing at her local folk club. There was never any doubt that she would make it her profession.
(photo: Liza with Ken MacFadden, Lanterns Folk Club, Celle, Germany)
Award-winning duo 'Two-Gether' enjoyed many summer seasons on the beautiful island of Jersey. Residencies in some of the finest hotels such as the Hotel de France and Pomme D'or provided a good start to her chosen career. For the winter months they secured residencies in Portugal and Tenerife.
(photo: Two-Gether... Liza with David Tucker, Jersey, CI) 
Once back in the UK the 'Liza Marshall Band' was formed - a six-piece country rock band appearing in country music clubs up and down the country and at many national and international festivals. 
(photo: Liza Marshall Band ....with Nick Bevan, Matt Davis, Tim Davis, Lee Feltham and Barry Smith)
The Liza Marshall Band evolved over time and this photo shows the addition of Dean Barnes to the new five-piece line up.
(photo: Liza Marshall Band ....with Dean Barnes, Nick Bevan, Lee Feltham and Barry Smith)
Liza and Dean went on to form a duo, then four-piece with Hannah Cope and Ed Gallagher until Dean's untimely death in 2017. 
(photo: Liza with Dean Barnes, Hannah Cope and Ed Gallagher)
A new collaboration was formed with Berkshire-based lead guitarist Spencer Couzens, leading to the birth of 'Marshall Couzens Band'. A five-piece Americana band with a repertoire of original songs and classics from 1970s Southern Country-Rock, Folk and Blues.
(photo: Marshall Couzens Band... with Spencer Couzens, Dicky Baldwin, Craig Broadfoot and Deano Robinson)